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Syrian National Dome (Arch)

It is an alliance of Syrian political entities opposing the authoritarian regime that has usurped power in the Syrian state, with Damascus as its capital, to establish a civilized Syrian state in which the law prevails and whose foundation is citizenship and equality among all its people.
The Syrian National Dome is not a merger between the Syrian blocs, but rather a unification of efforts, work, and coordination between partners who agree on a vision about the future of Syria, who agree on common principles and goals, and who share common pain and hopes, with the aim of reaching the formation of a nucleus for Syrian national action that has its reference and support from inside and outside the country.
To achieve the above, Qaws adopts a dialogue with all Syrian national entities to come under its umbrella, regardless of their colours, political programs, and visions for the future Syria, as long as they agree to overthrow the regime, end the state of tyranny, and apply transitional justice to all parties involved in the blood and suffering of Syrians, and believe in societal peace and reparation, and above all, release. Detainees and revealing the fate of the missing and disappeared by all parties, especially the Assad regime. Therefore, the importance of any national entity joining Qaws lies in reducing the distance between it and the other Syrian national components in order to bring viewpoints closer and reject differences through discussions and dialogues before and after joining it.
After building understandings and bridges of trust between the largest possible number of national entities and Syrian components, QAS seeks as a nucleus for national action to draw a vision for the general framework of the future transitional process in the country, guaranteeing Syrians complete freedom to discuss the form of the state and its principles in a democratic atmosphere that protects the rights of every Syrian citizen.
Accordingly, the mechanism of work in ARC is characterized by two constant characteristics in its internal system and principles:
1. Representation in the dome is the same and equal for all entities regardless of their size, as each bloc has one vote.
2. Each bloc or grouping has the right to present a future project for Syria, and the criterion for comparison between projects will be their efficiency and feasibility. The most mature, conscious, and profound project and vision that can be projected onto reality will impose itself on its own, taking into account the resolutions of international legitimacy.
3. Every leader of a group or bloc is a member of the Presidency Council and has the right to run for president, whose presidential term is only one year, subject to renewal.

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